fly me to the moon

Elissa - 19 - Born in New York, Raised in New Jersey, Schooled in Philly - University of the Arts

28. August 2014

Little Things

            There was a sort of beauty with the way that he tucked the stray hairs from his ponytail and tucked them behind his ear.  The way his curly golden locks would bounce when he would move his head.  His ocean blue eyes would alter with the colors of his t-shirts, whether it was blue, green or gray.  They were the type of eyes that would make you melt into a puddle; they could tell a story with the way that the light reflected in them.  When he smiled or laughed, he would light up the sky for miles.  He had these dimples and also little wrinkles that would form when his smile appeared.  He had a hippie soul and maybe that’s what she liked about him.  He was laid back and cool, the type of person you could talk with for hours and never get tired.  He was genuine and kind, maybe that was his southern side of him coming out.  She couldn’t get enough of him, always sneaking glances when he wasn’t looking.  She was completely engulfed in him.  She was in love.